MikiKappa - Contrada Sant'Anna 226 - 91025 Marsala (TP) - Italia - Telephone +39 092 374 1727

Design in tune with nature

MikiKappa™ offers a range of wooden furniture, decorative objects and architectural elements of outstanding craftmanship. Innovative designs combine modern minimalism with a warm natural feel.

Handmade and unique

Every product is handmade and has its own individual characteristics. We have a number of existing designs that can be built on demand. But we also design and manufacture custom solutions for specific settings.

Beautiful materials

Our ecologically friendly products are made out of high quality solid wood. We avoid engineered woodproducts, which often contain toxic resins and do not age well. The wood we use originates from sustainably managed forests. Or, even better, from salvaged and recycled wooden elements.

Old beams, barrel wood and even driftwood found on the beach have superior qualities. These seasoned materials show less shrinkage and expansion during changes of temperature and humidity.

Salvaged materials also are esthetically pleasing. For example: wood from old wine barrels - mostly oak and chesnut - has a beautiful grain and natural dye thanks to being soaked in red wine for decades.

How we work

MikiKappa is based in Italy, but we work all over Europe. When you send us the details of your project, we can give you an estimate of the costs. All elements are made in our atelier and shipped from there. If necessary we come over to assemble and install on location. Thanks to the internet and e-mail we can keep you up to date during the design and manufacturing stages by sending photographs of the work in progress.